Aesthetics of the face, scalp, neck, hands. MAM with/without needles.COURSE on-line. 

COURSE on-line. MAM with/without needles.

  *** The aesthetic facial treatment    
Mesopuncture/Acupuncture, for example, with aesthetic objectives neither is a surgical treatment nor it produces inflammation, we take notice of the effects immediately, it can be repeated, being painless and very effective to reduce the face aging signs: wrinkles and lines of face contraction, bags under the eyes. Also it hydrates the skin from the interior by increasing the production of collagen, it eliminates the flaccidity, and it narrows pores. 

Our proposal: 
 --- FACIAL REJUVENATION...., Training on line, very simple and short, for each point you will find an anatomical drawing. The usual depth of inserting the needle is specified in the legend. For all Therapists.
o    Face, neck, hands and scalp MAM points.            

Chapter Index

Development of a consultation & technique of Mesopuncture
Therapeutic effect of BMN
Structure of the formations
Active Acupuncture Points in aesthetic skin
Toning the Skin
Skin pale
Dry skin
Thinness of the skin
Skin swollen
Mesotherapy in the face and Acupuncture Points
Beside eyes & between the eyebrows
Active Points in overall facial aesthetics
Points of specific action in aesthetic of the face
Points of specific action in aesthetic of the hands
Points of specific action in aesthetic of the neck
General treatment of scalp disorders
Local points of scalp treatment

Cost of training:                                         ***The AESTHETIC FACIAL TREATMENT  300 euros.                        

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